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** Sales of e-cigarettes are Legal in Australia (except in WA but can be imported from other states for now.)

**Importation of E-liquid with Nicotine is also Legal. (see bottom of home page)

I will try to answer a few common questions and supply a few hints here.

Q. I have heard recent reports that e-cigs are more carcinogenic than cigarettes.

 This was a study performed by a Japanese company paid for by the Japanese Govt. The study does not give any information about the test conditions, equipment tested or methods used. Only one e-cig was failed and the rest were many times safer where only traces were found. (trace means so small it was detected but cant be measured)

Would you believe a report paid by a foreign govt?

I dont believe reports done by my own govt. 

Recent tests show if you heat the liquid to above normal (which would be like inhaling superheated steam or lava) this produces high levels of formeldehyde. Cooking a steak for 18 hours produces carcinogens too! No one can use the e-cigs at the temps they produced so these tests are ridiculous and should be dismissed as propaganda.

Having said that, tests show that some chemicals are present but at lower levels. 

This is one of six tactics  used to discredit E-cigs. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1360-0443/homepage/electronic_cigarettes.htm


Q. Are e-cigarettes safe? I have heard PG is toxic.

A. The two most common ingredients are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. They can be found in eye drops and food essences. Other chemicals are flavour and nicotine. Smoking tobacco is many times more harmful. Smoking related illnesses killed 5.4 million worldwide in the last year, 15,000 in Australia.

I have not heard of using e-cigarettes as directed to have caused one death worldwide.

Compare that to NRT, thousands of lawsuits and 49 deaths. (27 deaths in Au linked to the use of Champix)

(there has been one death of a toddler in Israel who drank a bottle of e-liquid- please keep them out of reach of children), (Plus one person who intentionally injected nicotine.) 

Q How long will a cartridge/tank last before refilling.

A. That is a individual thing as no two smokers are alike. On average if you work on 10 puffs is equal to 1 cigarette it will give you an idea. Most of my kits will give you at least 100 puffs or much more depending on model and type of cartridge/tank.

Q. So which E-cig is best for you?

A. Depending on your use and how heavy a smoker you are should determine your choice.

Your choice should be based on battery size and vapour, sensation or flavour

Q. How much will I save?

A. Expect to spend about $10-$15 a week on juice, tanks, atomizers, clearomizers and batteries. All of these are consumable. 

Q. Are there any side effects?

A. Yes. Your throat will be a little drier when vaping. Drink plenty of water. You may also cough a fair bit, this is your body getting rid of the toxins in your lungs from smoking and should last about a month. Your sense of smell and taste will improve during this time. If you develop headaches your e-liquid may be too strong. Try a lower strength or dilute with a mix of 50/50 Glycerine (food grade) and distilled water.

For any other problems seek medical advice.

Q. I have heard a report about an e-cigarette exploding. Can you tell me more?

A. Indications appear that the report in Florida was of a 'modified' cigarette hand made by the user. All manufactured e-cigs have protected batteries to prevent this occuring. The same type of batteries are used in mobile phones and GPS units.

** Ecigs are usually charged via a USB connection. This does not mean you can plug them into your computer and leave them. They can be overcharged this way and fail.**

Q. Where can I use E-cigs?

A. Although they are not a tobacco product, States in Au are now starting to treat them as such.

The owner of an establishment has the right to make you vape your e-cig outside. Some airlines have also banned the use of e-cigs on aircraft. However, you can carry your e-cig with you or with your carry on baggage and I usually place e-liquid in with the toiletries. If you wish to use them at work I recommend the boss be informed and abide by their wishes. WHS laws havent caught up to the new technology.

Q. Why dont you sell eliquid with Nicotine? I dont want to buy a placebo.

A. The Australian Govt has always lived several years behind the remainder of the world. The USA and UK and other counties have allowed vendors to sell nicotine freely and yet Au use terms like "we havent determined yet whether electronic cigarettes are safe" . In other words they dont know how to consider the new technology. Will it affect revenue? The govt gets $8 billion dollars per year from sales of tobacco. Smoking related illnesses only cost health departments $400 million. Large pharmaceutical companies and tobacco companies will lose sales. (and tax dollars to govt)

To restrict the rapid growth of sales in Australia the govt has made sales of nicotine solution for e-cigs or e-cigs containing nicotine illegal and states are placing restrictions on advertising.

I have included a link to an overseas supplier on my home page. 

8 Greatest lies/myths about electronic cigarettes

This is a link to the worlds biggest lies about PV's. 



1. Dont screw your battery onto the charger more than necessary. With the charger turned on, screw on the battery until the light flashes. Another 1/4 turn after that is all you need.

2. If you have upgraded to an Ego from a 510 you may have trouble charging the battery if you use the 510 charger. Use the charger cord supplied with the kit. They look identical but they are different.

3. The E-cig is a consumable item. Batteries will eventually not fully charge and run out of power faster. Atomizers will get a coating of residue or burn out. Cartridges and tanks break.  You should have one working unit with enough spares to have a complete unit handy if needed. Supplies take 2-3 weeks from overseas so have about 20-30ml of e-liquid available.

4. Like a pipe, your ecig will need to be pulled apart and cleaned. Liquid can seep into various areas around the battery, mouthpiece etc and a cotton bud or paper towel will work wonders. E-liquid can taste foul and you will know when it needs a clean.

5. Charge your batteries when you receive your kit for at least 8 hours. Use them a few times and charge them again for at least 2 hours. After that recharge as necessary. This ensures a full charge and performance.


 More Questions?

Try this link. https://athra.org.au/