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Alec, Mundijong, WA 
can completely recommend the E-Cig Shop. Received all goods by courier only a few days after my order. I had quite a few questions both before and after ordering. They are prompt and attentive to my needs as a complete beginner.10/10 for sales and service.

Tony from Townsville

Quite new to the game & researched a bunch of products here and other places around the net. Made a couple of purchases in the last week. Good variety of stock at hand & Good service.
Would recommend, thanks.

Todd from Townsville

Hi guys,I'm very new to vaping and really keen to get off the cancer sticks,have wasted a fair bit of money on crap till found The Ecig Shop lived in the same place as me so quick call to meet up and they explained all I need to know for now to get started and what surprised me is they recommended the best for me as a beginner and not the dearest what they stock and fixed me up with some juices,Big thanks man,2 day full vaping and 2 days cig free and can't see me ever going back.


Flo from Townsville (now Melbourne)

 a legend, if it weren't for them I'd either still be on the cigalikes or worse, smoking.   would drop off consumables as I needed them and has always

given me sound advice. We need more like them.

Paul From Moe, Vic.

Order placed Monday arvo, Melbourne Cup day in Vic on Tuesday (PO closed), Received my order this morning (Wednesday). How good is that! ......
I'll be ordering again
Hi The Ecig Shop, my partner has recently purchased kangatech e-cigs from you guys, I have instantly cut down the amount I smoke to 1 a day if not none
My partner on the other hand hasn't smoked a ciggerette in almost a week, these are a success! I 100% recommend these to anyone 
wanting to quit this filthy habbit and just me using one has gotten a few family members interested! 
Definitely refering everyone to you, thank you for the life style change at an affordable price!

Justin from London U.K

Passing through Townsville on my journey around this fantastic country and found The E-cig Shop on the interweb, when looking for some e-juice to top up my dwindling supply, so I thought I'd pay a visit.
They are very knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming and I soon departed very happy, with a bottle of Banana, Dark Grape and Caramel e-juice (I've got a little bit of a sweet tooth!!).

It has to be said that I am enjoying the flavours a great deal and will be continuing my journey, safe in the knowledge I can carry on vaping.

I recommend you place your order here with The e-cig Shop; you'll be in safe hands.


Excellent result, after 40 years of hand-rolled ciggies, I haven't had (or wanted) a single cigarette

since Jan 22, when my EVOD kit arrived.  Vaping like a demon on and off, but well clear of smoking.